Spitfire Machine Pistol


The Spitfire machine pistol is a compact gaming gun. It is great for outdoor live gaming. Or with the orange barrel tip removed, fun for indoor gaming too.

Many paintball field owners and theme park managers have chosen the Spitfire model because it is compact and robust. Like all of our gaming guns, it is built tough in Australia and is made from highgrade aluminium and secured with stainless-steel screws.
All metal gaming guns are powder-coated with Dulux paints.

The sound effects come in 13 languages or you can customize it for your own language.
The SATR digital system can perform global start/stop, pause/resume for an unlimited number of gaming guns.

Operators can run up to four separate groups simultaneously, in close proximity, without cross-fire.
Gamers worldwide can gear up for the most immersive, authentic, live gaming
experience. Computer gaming is going through the roof.
This next generation of gaming gun ushers in a new generation of live gaming – be a part of the action.

Gun Specs
Range Long Range setting – up to 120m/300ft. Defaults to short range.
Weight 2kg/4.4lbs
Length 42cm/16″
Other Spec
Scope 30mm Red Dot Scope
Weapon Emulations
Emulations Uzi (default) Mp5, Mp5SD, M3 Grease Gun, Mp38/40, Sten MkII, Mat 49-20, Mp18, and the MAT49-32