Team Building

Playing Is Good For Business

Battlefield LIVE Knutsford – The ultimate corporate team-building event in the North West

No pain, no paint, no bruises – just adrenaline-fuelled fun

Battlefield LIVE is the corporate team building activity that you have been waiting for. Located in an exclusive seven acre woodland and using sophisticated infra-red technology gaming guns, this activity can be played in all weather conditions and is suited to people of all ages and abilities. Our packages are ideal for team-building, reward and incentive days out or hospitality events for your customers. It is exciting, fast-paced and action-packed, promoting communication, camaraderie and leadership. Win or lose, an unforgettable experience for all!

What you'll get out of it

Fun Fun Fun: We offer an action-packed series of combat experiences that will challenge, motivate and push everyone to overcome the enemy to secure victory

Promoting teamwork and planning: We will set your team objectives to achieve in a time-constrained, tactically challenging environment. The focus is on team success, not individual skill and competitiveness

Testing leadership: Each mission will discover true leaders, astute tacticians and sharp-shooters within each team. The war zone presents a demanding environment where strong leadership and clearly communicated battlefield tactics are vital to team performance. Success is sweet when everything that is planned is skilfully accomplished.

What will the day will look like

The battlefield is set in seven acres of woodland with team bases, bunkers, hides, barricades and battlefield sounds. Your team will use sophisticated infra-red gaming guns that are so up-to date and realistic that the military use them for their own training purposes.

Team members will be given tactical briefings and will be set team objectives. Everyone will be dressed in camouflage gear and drilled, so they are ready to succeed on their missions in the most realistic simulation possible – short of joining the army. Players have to plan their attack, protect their flanks and their comrades to successfully achieve the objectives of each battlefield mission.

Lunch can be provided from our local Restaurant, Emas please request a copy of their menu.

Two teams will go into battle with a clear mission.

Only one team will emerge victorious at the end of the day !

To book your team-building event please call 0777 924 8622 or email