Battlefield LIVE Knutsford is a fast paced outdoor activity played in natural woodland. We require all Party Organisers to seek consent from Parents or Guardians for Players under the age of 18 who will be taking part in Battlefield LIVE Games. It is important that the below Terms & Conditions are read and understood before booking.

What to expect on the day

Rules of engagement

1. The participant agrees to abide by the rules of Battlefield LIVE at all times when present at the Battlefield LIVE site

2. No participant shall engage in;

3. Each participant must remain within the designated boundaries of the Battlefield LIVE Arena at all times and must not enter any Out of Bounds areas within the Arena

4. All participants must follow the directives of Battlefield LIVE Marshals at all times

5. Battlefield LIVE may insist that any participant engaging in unacceptable behaviour leaves the Battlefield LIVE Arena immediately

6. Any participant injured, or observing another participant being injured, shall immediately notify a Marshal of the incident

7. No projectiles are to be thrown, kicked or otherwise made airborne by participants

8. Whilst every care has been taken with the safety of the Battlefield LIVE Arena, there are areas of uneven ground, obstacles, bunkers and low-level vegetation that participants need to be aware of. There is a risk of participants falling over or coming into contact with vegetation and if this is an unacceptable risk then participants should not play

9. Party Organisers of children will need to assess whether this activity is suitable for their children. Children must be at least 7 years old to play, 6 year olds may play when accompanied by an adult

10. Schools, Clubs and similar – must ensure that sufficient staff cover is available to meet supervisory ratios

11. Battlefield LIVE is not responsible for any loss or damage to clothing or footwear that may occur when participates are engaging in the game

12. All Battlefield LIVE equipment must be returned before leaving the Battlefield LIVE site

13.Any participant who is unable or refuses to comply with the rules will not be permitted to participate in Battlefield LIVE Knutsford.

14. Participants and Party Organisers of Children must confirm that they do not have any pre-existing medical conditions, had recent operations or any physical injuries that could be exacerbated by undertaking part in the game

15. Camouflage coveralls are provided however Participants must bring their own footwear. The recommended footwear is flat outdoor footwear with good grip on the soles, anyone turning up in sandals, flip-flops etc. will not be permitted to play.

16. Battlefield LIVE is played and enjoyed all year round, to ensure of player enjoyment it is imperative that all players are dressed for the outdoor weather, layers that can be removed are best, if particularly cold then hats, scarves and gloves are required

17. Please can the Marshal’s be advised on arrival if there are any players with any medical conditions of other needs that they should be aware of ahead of the games, if the information is sensitive or critical then please speak to Marie on 07779248622 to discuss at the earliest possible time

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